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....at highest level of efficiency and quality for your clients!

We have been in the Rough Mill business for the past 30+ Years and have been involved in most phases of our industry. Our personnel has been designing and selling finishing lines and finishing equipment in the 1980'ies. Working with Rough Mill lines, equipment and layout, all through the 1990'ies and early 2000's. Instrumental in the North American Machine Vision Business (Scanners) since its infancy in 1995.....and now with a group of companies that offer you the best in Generating the latest treand in Environmentally Friendly and highly eaticically pleasing - Thermo Wood and best Quality control process sensors technolgy making it possible for you sleep great at night know you are sending your customer the best products possible - all the time.


With C.S. Industries (CSI) we have assembled a group of expert sompanies in their fields that we believe will make difference for our potential clients and as our sucess further entrences, we hope to expand our team and group.


With AMERICAN WOOD TECHNOLOGY, We are excited to offer you the latest Thermal treatment technology from IWT-Moldrup in Denmark. Moldrup is the original inventor of the Vacuum Kiln drying technology and the Manufacture of some of the most simple to operate and most cost effective lumber treatment plants on earth!....And now we have one of the most cost efficient, flexible and environmentally sound Hydro-Thermo treatment set up known to man.


From Brookhuis , We offer you the best and most reliable moisture meters and strength grading systems available, via our sister company; Brookhuis America, Inc.!

....and they can assist you in keeping it all running at its best with or factory trained service alliances

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